Build your dream bike with Arider

You have a clear idea of how your bike should look and need help from the experts? Then you are exactly right with us! We help you to create your dream bike.


The price of your kit is based on 3 components:

1. Base Price

2. Special Material (Chrome, Neon / Fluo, Holochrome)

3. Laminate (Finish)

Base Price

Here we distinguish between the size of the bikes. For small bikes we need much less material, which is why we can make the price cheaper. The basic price for a small bike (50 - 125cc) is 269,99 € and for a big bike (125cc+) 319,99 €.

Of course we deduct the paid deposit of 99,99 € at the end from the total bill. So if you ride a big bike and want to have a custom graphic kit with glossy laminate (without special laminate or chrome / neon), you pay 99,99 € in advance and at the end 220€.

Special Material

199,99 € - Fluo

119,99 € - Chrome

119,99 € - Holochrome


Glossy laminate is included in the basic price. If you choose matte or glitter laminate, the price is 79,99 €.

0 € - Glossy Laminate

79,99 € - Matt Laminate

79,99 € - Gold Flakes Laminate

79,99 € - Holo Flakes Laminate

Price Example 1

Regular Full Custom Kit for a KTM 690 SMC-R (690ccm) with glossy laminate.

Base Price: 319,99€

+ Special Material: 0 €

+ Laminate: 0 €

= Total Price: 319,99 €

Deposit: 99,99 €

Final Balance: 220,00 €

Price Example 2

Full Custom Kit for a Beta RR 125 LC (125ccm) with Full Chrome and Holo Flakes Finish.

Base Price: 269,99 €

+ Special Material: 119,99 €

+ Laminate: 79,99 €

= Total Price: 469,97 €

Deposit: 99,99 €

Final Balance: 369,98 €

How is the process?

Please fill in your ideas as accurately as possible. The better your ideas are described, the faster we will get your graphic kit finalized. After you make your deposit, the designer will start working on your project. We have a turnaround time of 7 business days. The designer will contact you by mail with the first draft.

How many changes do you make?

After the first design is sent, you still have 3 revisions to change your design. It is very important that you describe your changes as accurately as possible. If you suddenly want to have a completely new design, you will have to buy another deposit.
What if I need more than 3 revisions? We usually get a design finalized in 3 revisions. If you need more revisions, you will have to buy a Deposit again.

From Biker to Biker

High quality material

Made in Germany

A perfect fit

Quality is important to us

  • The 0.4 mm (386 µ) thick laminate ensures optimal protection of your graphics and packaging.
  • The most modern large format printers allow UV resistant printing with intense and vivid colors.
  • The 0.1 mm (100 µ) thick satin vinyl film is the basis for a brilliantly colored image.
  • Our high tack adhesive with air channels ensures long life and bubble-free bonding.

High quality material

1. Laminate

The 0.4 mm (386 µ) thick laminate ensures optimal protection of your graphics and trim.

2. Printed image

The most modern large format printers provide a UV resistant printed image with intense and vibrant colors.

3. Vinyl sheet

The 0.1 mm (100 µ) thick satin vinyl film is the basis for a vibrant color image.

4. Adhesive

Our strong adhesive with air channels ensures a long life and a bubble-free bond.

Enthusiastic customers

Absolutely awesome graphics kit...! Very competent, perfect quality. The division of the individual parts was well thought out and is easy for everyone to stick if you take your time.


The graphics kit was delivered very quickly and fits perfectly.
Visually and qualitatively very high quality. The decor makes the machine a real eye-catcher.


Absolutely nice contact, top motorcycle graphics kit, seller really takes care of all problems,
Can only give a top recommendation.
Gladly again at any time


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